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    Stone Work

    Stone is powerful, heavy, and looks luxe. Whether inside or outside, stone serves as a striking piece of art in any space. Santoro Tile & Masonry, LLC, works in the Southeast Michigan area and creates one-of-a-kind stone installations for discerning customers who crave a unique, durable, long-lasting upgrade to their home.

    Where to Install Stone in Your Home

    If you love the look of stone but aren’t sure where it can be added to your home, your Southeast Michigan stone installation experts will guide you in making the best decisions for your goals and budget.

    The options are many for professional stone installations, which are often added to the following places:

    • Porch: Spruce up columns and stairs.
    • Siding: Create a beautful look and feel to your home.
    • Kitchen: Add an accent wall behind the stove and range, an entire backsplash, or decorative material around the island.
    • Fireplace: Invest in a floor-to-ceiling stone surround or add subtle accents.
    • Walls: Make a statement in bathroom, bedroom, family room, basement, or otherwise.

    Whether you’re seeking a unique TV backdrop, decorative elements for a nook, a powerful way to transform an entire space, visual interest in a wine cellar, or an option to balance and unify a room’s design, stone just may be the answer.

    The Two Common Types of Stone

    While you decide where you want to put stone, you must also determine what stone is appropriate for the project.

    • Cultured stone: Also known as manufactured cultured stone veneer, cultured stone is a manmade product designed to resemble natural stone.
    • Natural stone: Interiors often boast natural stone like marble, limestone, fieldstone, or onyx. Natural stones are adaptable and can work for almost any aesthetic. They feature imperfections, tonal variations, and textures that are genuine and unique to your installation.

    The quality of stone varies greatly in color shape, size, and texture. Working with a professional stone installer ensures that the stone used inside or outside your home is appropriate for the conditions it will face so it maintains its longevity and beauty.

    Stone Installation Process

    Every stone installation process begins with a consultation with an experienced Santoro Tile & Masonry installer. We will discuss your hopes for your project and review the particulars, from where you want the stone installed to what you want it to look like. There will be a discussion about materials, goals, aesthetics, and budget. From there, we will deliver a quote for the job including a timeline of when the project will begin and how long it will take to complete.

    Selecting stone can take time, and we understand that you have decisions to make along the way about the appearance of your stone and the overall look of your project. We are patient and prepared to help guide you through every step of this process.

    Benefits of Adding Stone to Your Home

    A stone addition improves the look and value of the space you inhabit. Here are some of the many benefits of adding stone to your home:

    • Change aesthetics: Stone offers warmth, texture, interest, color, and dimension where it did not exist before. 
    • Increase value: Add stone anywhere in your home and you automatically increase the value of your place.
    • Add complexity: Stone delivers complexity to your space, whether you’re using it as a backdrop or a focal point.
    • Boost depth and interest: A colorful wall or clever wallpaper adds interest but they’re flat. Stone adds depth, especially when strategically placed lighting highlights the material.

    Stone Installation Near Me in Southeast Michigan

    If you’re interested in a stone installation for your home, contact Santoro Tile & Masonry in Southeast Michigan to schedule a consultation. Find out how this beautiful material can enhance your home.

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