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    Shower tile endures ongoing wear and tear. Durability is one of the most critical components of this part of your bathroom, whether you have a small bath or impressive en suite. At Santoro Tile and Masonry in Southeast Michigan, we use proven, powerful materials and deliver customized craftsmanship to create a shower structure using shower tile that lasts.

    Shower Tile for Bathrooms

    Bathrooms endure unique conditions that no other space is subject to. Moisture shows up in the form of humidity, steam, puddles, splashing water, and condensation. Shower tile on the floors and walls are pelted continuously when the shower is in use.

    The sturdiest shower tile should have low porosity, be easy to clean, and handle everyday use. Bathrooms and showers are used daily and work hard to withstand the influx of water, soaps, shower bombs, essential oils, and more. The right, heavy-duty shower tile can handle and repel the moisture.

    Homeowners discover that it’s nice to be limited in some of the elements they can include in shower renovations or new designs. There are so many shapes, colors, and sizes of tile and it’s easy to get sucked into the volume of options. Choose your shade and size or shower tile and set your budget, then consider the following types of shower tiles:

    • Ceramic: Common, reliable, durable, moisture resistant, easy to clean, affordable.
    • Stone: Withstands high humidity, non-porous, scratch-resistant.
    • Porcelain: Moisture resistant, stain resistant, slippery, prone to cracking after extended use.
    • Glass: Water-resistant, great for low traffic areas and decorative walls, breakable.

    Ideally, low-maintenance shower tiles should be the top choice in your bathroom. With the right option, you won’t have to seal the tiles and grout or do any special cleaning beyond the basics.

    Elements of the Right Shower Tile

    It’s extremely important to choose shower tile for its ability to withstand extreme conditions. You want the tile you have installed in your shower to last for decades, not only a few years. Here are some of the most critical shower tile elements to consider:

    • Functionality: Bathroom tiles, across the board, are mostly functional. Shower tiles, no matter what, must be made to withstand and resist water.
    • Decoration: You can request decorative areas in your shower, with different colors, shapes, and patterns of tiles pulled together to make a border, accent, or other highlights.
    • Weight: The shower tiles appropriate for your shower must be a certain weight, so they are not too heavy for the waterproof barrier and walls behind the tiles.
    • Grout: Grout is the water-resistant material that fills the spaces between shower tiles and the type of grout will need to be carefully considered for its performance.

    Shower areas can be tiled from floor to ceiling or tiled just a portion of the way up the wall. The size of your shower, the reach of your showerhead’s spray, and your preferences will be taken into consideration as your contractor makes recommendations about what’s possible.

    Get the Shower Tile You Want in Southeast Michigan

    Bathrooms are an opportunity for homeowners to show off their design aesthetic and indulge their preferences. Your bathroom should be a space you love and enjoy spending time in as you tend to self-care. Whether you’re a minimalist or extremist, the right shower tile installation can soften and soothe, enhance and invigorate – the goal is to simply satisfy your preferences, so you appreciate your surroundings as you step into this space.

    Rely on the experts at Santoro Tile and Masonry to work with you and develop a plan that will reflect your goals for your bathroom and shower tile. Contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss your project.

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